Recognize narcissism

Given our lifestyle, where we can pamper children, give insufficient limits, more and more narcissistic people are unfortunately added.

Now the diagnosis of narcissism will always have to be made by a doctor, but you can also see from a number of points whether you are dealing with someone who is narcissistic.

A narcissist is very charming in the beginning when you meet him. With its charm you will be taken over and misled. The narcissist has a reason for this. If you are charmed by this person, he will quickly have power over you and this person will be out for it.

A narcissist shows little to no empathy. They lack an empathetic capacity. In the beginning they will understand you. Listen to your problems. But as the narcissist stays longer in your life, this attention disappears. That makes way for the slow transformation of you as the narcissist sees the picture. so don’t think that this person will understand you and will be there for you when you need it. This person cannot do that.

A narcissist shows manipulative behavior. They often know everything better. They talk negatively about you behind your back. They bring everything in such a way that you will start to believe them too. Because not only do they manipulate, they also lie. If you think the other person is honest, because this person is so charming, you fall for his lies.

Every person has a conscience that plays when you have done something wrong. Then the conscience is heard. A narcissist has no conscience. Everything he does thinks the narcissist is lawful. So they will never feel guilty about anything. In fact, they know how to twist it in such a way that you are the culprit. They are very clever at this. This, of course, is also related to manipulation and lying.

A narcissist wants to show off his possessions, everything goes that way. The person who is allowed to walk on his arm will also have to look tip top. The narcissist will tell you how to dress with charming words. And often gets it done. do not think that a narcissist himself will go flawlessly out the door. That is not happening. Not only the partner is involved. also with stuff. If something is on sale, it falls off. Only something with an expensive price tag is good enough. because of this you can think how wonderful all the indulgence. that is not true, there is a reason for it. control you, so that he gets you completely under his control. Every step a narcissist takes is a well-considered step, always focused on winning and attracting attention.

Because a narcissist has no conscience, he knows no shame, no remorse, let alone feels guilty about something. If you intend to dump the narcissist, he will manipulate you with crocodile tears. you fall for it, you think it is pathetic. you now lay the blame on yourself. They are very resourceful here.

A narcissist is cheating, the exorbitant need for attention ensures this. You can’t stop this. They do this very refined and yet at some point they fall through the basket. They think that they are inviolable and that is why they sometimes get sloppy. Let them have their e-mails open and you can read there which appointments are planned and which beautiful stories the narcissist tells the other person.

If, after reading this blog, you see points of recognition, contact a Mastermedium quickly. He sees more than you and has not been brainwashed by the narcissist. He will tell you what you are dealing with and how you can get rid of this person.

A narcissist does not let go quickly, but do not be afraid, they can threaten with anything and everything, but that is masking their own uncertainties. You are stronger. Never doubt your own feeling, have it confirmed by a Mastermedium and if it agrees, then you know enough.