We need others to grow

We cannot live without others, especially when we are born. Then we are even dependent on others. As we get older, we can do more and more things independently. And there comes a time when we can do it ourselves.

Then we would in fact no longer need others. Nothing is less true. We continue to need others all our lives to grow. That growth then lies in the area of personal and spiritual growth. For that reason every person comes our way with a reason. the one that lasts our entire life, the other remains temporary. We are not in charge of that ourselves. it is decided for us. We can be sad with the one, we can be happy with the other when it leaves our lives.

Both those we are sad about and those we are happy about having lost, we often only see afterwards why these people have crossed our path. Afterwards we see what message that person brought to us. What personal growth we experienced when that person came into our lives. We laughed together, cried, shared. We irritated each other, we argued, but we learned a lot from each other. Without all those people you would not have been where you stand and are now. They have all contributed to your personal and spiritual growth.

For that reason it is okay to have conversations with a medium or psychic from Mastermedium. Those conversations should actually be a monthly recurring habit and why. You learn so much from it, you get so much awareness from it. You grow as a person. Your growth towards self-love is promoted through conversations with mediums and psychics.

Without other people around us, we quickly stand still. We will stay in our safe harbor, or comfort zone. There is nothing that triggers us to come up with a diamond.That can feel comfortable for a long time, but you will see, at some point no longer.

You then stand still, something is missing in your life, a challenge and you need growth for that, you need other people in your life for that.

Of course, contacts with others can also turn your life upside down, but look at how that happens. See why that happened. Do you see it. you stood still, you were awakening. you had to feel that pain to get to know yourself better. To finally dare to set limits. To finally learn to stand up for yourself.

To finally see your value, which you have always denied. For that reason we experience a lot in our lives. We can see that ourselves as suffering, setback. But all the suffering and setbacks in life we need for our personal growth.

Are you in a period that doesn’t feel good, have you lost people in your life, are you still upset about that. Are you still disappointed in someone.

Then think about why this happened to you. have you allowed too much, have you blindly trusted the other. have you been naive? There is probably a reason for the pain that you are feeling now. It is growing pain and thank the other for this. Because now you come to be more powerful in life.

We experience all the pain experienced by a person to grow. We need others for this. Without people we cannot sustain life, we are on our own and apart from the pain, others also bring us a lot of love and we also grow there. Look lovingly back at all those people who have crossed your path. Lovingly for a reason, then you lose all the negative emotions that are still trapped in your body.